You Are My Favorite Person

You are my favorite person. From the first time I saw you, I know I am going to love you. I always keep in mind, we will meet each other someday, talking in person, sharing everything, and knowing better. Because you are my favorite person.

Years had passed, and I am so grateful having moment-to-moment mindfulness communication with you. It is like a sacred passion moves; a spiritual transaction.


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I always look back and see where I screwed up. That’s why I have apologize for many times. It is because I do not want to lose you. By apologizing, at the very least, I can learn from my screw-ups and have the right demeanor.

My own life experiences are fulfilled by painful mistakes. Yet it becomes a very useful ways of learning.

I don’t know if your heart are tenderly layered with an abundance of compassion, but you are my favorite person. I choose to follow the longing in my heart until I have exhausted all the roads in order to uncover your path.

You are my favorite person. Because of you, my life is nearly perfection. All I want to do is asking you to be my life partner. I know exactly you might find it disrespectful, but that is how it is. I trust you, I care for you, and wish you well always. Because I love you more than you can ever imagine.

However, there are some misdirection between us, but you are my favorite person. And, just when I start to feel the inadequacy of giving this kind of love, the impossibility of it, I find it you are still my favorite person.

You are not perfect, but you are my favorite person. Our imperfectness is a perfectness. It permits two separate humans to hinge together as one.

You are my favorite person, now and forever.

You are by far my favorite.

And I’ve been thinking it’s about time that you knew.

That you are by far my favorite.

And I hope that I’m by far your favorite too.

Sophie Madeleine