Deleting Social Media Accounts – Should We?

Deleting social media accounts looks like the most difficult breakup. Actually for some people who have addicted to social media.

Not just they’ll loose all of information or ideas that ever been posted, but deleting social media accounts means you’ll lose alternative ways to contact your friends, colleagues, or even families. But why some people even think to deleting social media accounts? Why we have to do that?


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Actually, deleting social media accounts is a simple process. Just click a few buttons, confirm, and after that you are wiped from the database. That’s so easy as you made it before.

But is it really easy to delete social media accounts you have? A friend told me that deleting social media accounts is blissfully easy. Deleting social accounts means you break loose from virtual humanism. You’ll get back the fundamental reason of communication, which means meeting each other without any barriers. That’s why he’s deleting social media accounts that he had. And he has interesting reason for all he had done.

He deleted his Twitter because it makes you overly attached to smartphone then distracting you to do the most important things in your life. He added, “what you say on Twitter, if your account not locked, and if you’re lucky, some people not mistakenly mention your tweet, is spreading all over the world. Try to Google your name.”

Man.. That makes sense. But, since Twitter user is growing in Indonesia and being home to the sixth largest number of users worldwide, engaging to Twitter is a fastest way to get the real time information or to interact with other people. For some people, Twitter is a new media that help you to document the ideas that always suddenly come in their mind. Furthermore, Twitter is now really easy to use since most of smartphone injected with Twitter application. So, you just cannot break loose how funny and interesting Twitter is. Based on my experience, deleting Twitter is not as easy as he said.

My friend also told me that he also deleted his Foursquare. Why? He hates the idea people know what, when, where, and how he does something. For that reason, I kinda agree with him. So, I let him deleted his Foursquare.

Still talking about deleting social media accounts, my friend told me (again!) he just deleted his Pinterest. Okay, since Pinterest is not too popular in Indonesia, I can’t say anything about it. But, the reason he did it because he though that your data, including your behaviors, interest, etc. in Pinterest will be sold to advertisers. Is that make sense or he just made it up? I have no idea. I still try to absorb it.

He also deleted his Path and Google+. He said that sometimes because of app bug, your private message appears on public page and if you use mobile, the app will upload all your contact to their servers. “It happens on Path and not to mention other social media,” he added it so seriously.

Fortunately, since he is a programmer and a web developer, he still has one left: his Facebook! He said, “If my job not depends on it, I have to deactivate my Facebook account also.” Hey, Facebook has scary privacy violation, you know!

Nah, I think deleting social media accounts is too extreme since we are so digital nowadays. Social media is created for people who needs various techniques to get close with their friends or families. If you are really concern about privacy violation, you should never make social media accounts for the first time. Because deleting social media accounts means you’re wondering how awkward you are to face the global changes. Without deleting social media accounts, you still can be a normal human. You just have to take a look some way to not overly attached to it, and without distracting you to do the important things in your life.


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